About our science output

We consistently strive to innovate with our science programming, finding new ways to astonish audiences and tell extraordinary stories. Our output is always at the cutting edge, featuring world-class authorities and in-depth analysis, yet
remains highly emotional and engaging.

Engineering The Future (6x1hr Series)

An inspirational series exploring spectacular new machines that are being built right now, featuring technology that could save the world from man-made disaster. Driven by visionaries and designed by passionate teams of forward-looking engineers, these mega-machines have the potential to revolutionise energy production, transportation, aviation and more. Each is a large-scale visual feast, combining science, technology, engineering, great characters, real jeopardy, exclusive access, CGI and archive.

Narrated by Patrick Stewart and David Oyelowo.

Secrets of the Solar System (8x1hr Series)

The Emmy-nominated ultimate guide to the Solar System, with the Mars episode scoring a nomination for Outstanding Science and Technology Documentary. Told by the inspired explorers who sent spacecraft to investigate planets, moons, asteroids and the sun, these are surprisingly moving tales of discovery, illustrated with stunning imagery. The series features many of the world’s top space scientists, revealing the dedication and perseverance needed to explore the Solar System for all humanity. A true landmark series, with a second season now in production.


Genius by Stephen Hawking (6x1hr series)

In our ground-breaking series Genius by Stephen Hawking, we stage spectacular puzzles and experiments to tackle profound questions like

“Why am I here?,” “Are we alone?” and “Can we travel through time?”. Then we challenge ordinary individuals to solve them and find the answers

by themselves. The series received critical acclaim and record-breaking ratings success.

NOVA : Rise of the Rockets (1hr special)

New technologies are making rockets cheaper and more powerful than ever before. As companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic make space more accessible and NASA returns to crewed spaceflight, a golden era of space exploration is on the horizon. Made with exclusive access and featuring exciting demonstrations, this special produced exceptional


NOVA: Back to the Moon (1hr special)

On the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 moon landing, NOVA looks ahead to a new age in lunar exploration. This time, governments and
private industry are working together to continue our legacy of lunar exploration. Another special featuring remarkable access and exciting
storytelling on one of the hottest topics of our time.

In the Emmy-winning Stephen Hawking’s Favourite Places, the late Professor travels to his favourite places in the universe. This meant
placing the real Stephen in a virtual spacecraft, imagining what black holes and alien intelligence actually look like and then putting it all together in astonishing CGI. Informative, entertaining and full
of Hawking’s trademark wit, the series is easy to watch yet full of mind-blowing content. (3x30minute series)

Our other work includes landmark specials like Destination Pluto. Part constructed documentary, part fast turnaround live O.B. it explores the New Horizons flyby of Pluto. We also specialise in high

impact films like the Emmy-nominated Hubble’s Cosmic Journey, which tells the incredible human side to the Hubble Space Telescope’s story.