About our history output

Bigger Bang strives to produce history content that looks like nothing else. We have consistently broken new ground in finding ways to bring the past to life, allowing us to reveal amazing narratives and extraordinary facts.

Conspiracies Decoded (10x1hr Series)

Throughout Conspiracies Decoded, experts revisit the most enduring and inexplicable crimes and conspiracies from throughout history, applying new forensic science techniques and stunningly accurate CGI to reconstruct each scrap of evidence to potentially uncover answers that were once thought out of reach.

Showcasing the multiple branches of forensic science throughout the season – such as digital retouching, hair, bone and fingerprint analysis, as well as facial reconstruction, this ten part series gives viewers a peek behind the curtain of some of the most cutting-edge scientific techniques, paired with stunningly accurate and detailed imagery that brings each mystery vividly to life.

Searching for Secrets (6x1hr series)

Every great metropolis has its secrets, some tucked away in catacombs, others hidden in plain sight. From the single golden fire hydrant in San Francisco to the strange shape of London’s black cabs to Berlin’s pink pipes, each city’s unique features embody unknown stories, some whimsical, some sinister, but all fascinating. Take a journey back in time with local guides and historians as they reveal what makes six of the world’s greatest cities each a treasure trove of surprises.

Revolutions aka Breakthrough (6x1hr series)
In our landmark series Revolutions: The Ideas That Changed The World , we tell the amazing story of the incredible breakthroughs that led to six iconic objects that define the modern world. Each episode takes viewers on a global journey of discovery and uncovers thousands of years of innovation. Full of surprising connections, it tells the stories of the incredible visionaries who often risked death, poverty or ridicule to progress civilisation. To bring these stories to life we combine expert investigation with innovative drama techniques, shot almost entirely using virtual sets. The result reimagines the historical breakthroughs in sumptuous
detail. At times, it allows the experts to witness those pivotal events first hand. The series premiered on PBS and BBC4 in July 2019 and sold globally to 190 territories.